Strategic Advisory Services

Decagon Partners offers a broad range of consulting services to prepare the company in advance of the sale process.

These services typically involve working closely with the management in the following areas:

  • Writing or Updating the Business Plan
  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Creating more innovative strategic plans balanced with proven operating processes and procedures
  • Developing operating strategies that include performance/assessment benchmarks and metrics
  • Development of financial controls and management reporting systems
  • Reorganizing or restructuring the company
  • ROI rationalization of product/services offerings
  • Clarification/assessment of the company's product/service customer value proposition
  • Development of new sales and go-to-market strategies

These services are designed to help the company maximize its long term value with a focus on more effective planning and measurement criteria to enable proactive management while also presenting a clear picture to prospective investors of a company that has a well-thought business strategy, business model and operating plan.