Drivers of Value - Valuation Services

Often companies require additional information to better understand where they stand and to help with their planning. This can involve a valuation based on a potential sale, a fairness opinion, tax or strategic planning, ESOP or litigation support. Decagon Partners Valuation Services has the experience and expertise to assist in the most complex or more routine valuation assignments. This information can be critical when making a decision to sell a business, justify a price paid or evaluate the relative merits of an IPO versus a sale.

It's all about understanding the value drivers around the Decagon:

  Clarity of Value Proposition and ROI  
Channels, Partners, Alliances
Tracking the Plan
Diversity of RevenuesDepth of Vision
Market DifferentiationGrowth Potential in
Revenues and Profits
IP - Patents, Unique ProcessesPredictability of Earnings
  Management Leadership and Depth  

Decagon Partners Valuation Services specializes in providing independent and objective valuation advisory services exclusively to middle market companies. Our fees are never based on the value determined or the completion of a transaction. In providing a full spectrum of valuation and advisory services, we remain committed to quality, service and integrity. Our professionals bring substantial experience and expertise to each assignment from sophisticated valuation techniques to understanding current market conditions to an in-depth knowledge of tax and structural issues. For whatever your valuation needs my be, Decagon Partners valuation services possesses the requisite experience and knowledge to help you through the process

The sale or purchase of a business or technology is likely to be a turning point for all stakeholders involved. For most, it is an opportunity that will be presented only once. Decagon Partners' mergers and acquisitions process provides assistance to clients who are in search of a buyer, a business or a technology by maximizing its value to the client and satisfying both parties' objectives.

  • Extensive resources and experience to maximize result during transactions.
  • Access to a large business network and knowledge base - domestic and foreign.
  • A focus on maximizing value and meeting our clients' objectives.