Our Process

Sell Side

Buy Side

Preparing to do Acquisitions
STEPS Step 1:
Corporate Strategy
Step 2:
M&A Strategy
Step 3:
Characterize Targets
Step 4:
Deal Structures
Step 5:
Identify Prospects
Step 6:
Approach Prospects
Step 7:
Initial Meeting
ISSUES Mission Statement
Business Plan Review
Review Infrastructure Needs and Capital Requirements
Target Markets
Revenue / ROI Targets
Vertical Geographical Technical Goals
Target Size
Time to Market (Make vs. Buy)
Business Unit Needs
Asset / Stock Purchase
FASB 141 & 142
Accretion / Dilution
Profile Prospects
Prioritize Prospects
Company Presentation
Deal Rationale & Synergies
Understand Target's Goals
Meeting with Prospect's Mgmt.
Basic Data Request

Manage the Buying Process
STEPS Step 1:
Preliminary Due Diligence
Step 2:
Negotiate Initial Term Sheet/LOI
Step 3:
Detailed Due Diligence
Step 4:
Develop Integration Plan
Step 5:
Finalize Deal Terms
Step 6:
Approvals BOD, SEC, Shareholders
Step 7:
ISSUES Review Major Agreements
Review Financial Documents
Product Demos
Acquirer Involvement
Preliminary Valuation
Pro Forma Financial Analysis
Develop Key Deal Terms
Identify Deal Owners
Contracts Review
Detailed Financial Review
Product Assessment
Customer Calls
Develop a Written Integration Plan
Identify Cultural / Operational Issues
Establish Communication Plan
Contracts Assignment
Reps and Warranties
Earn-out Provisions
Regulatory Review
Shareholder Vote
Harte Scott Rodino
Purchase Agreement
Employment Agreements