Our Process

Sell Side

Buy Side

Prepare the Company for Sale
STEPS Step 1:
Evaluate Company
Step 2:
Internal Due Diligence
Step 3:
Financial Analysis
Step 4:
Deal Structures
Step 5:
Identify Buyers
Step 6:
Prepare Book
Step 7:
Prepare Management
ISSUES Market Assessment / Valuation
Business Plan Review
Value drivers
Contract Issues
IP Rights
Revenue Recognition
GAAP conformity
Asset Purchase
Stock Purchase
Tax / legal issues
Profile Buyers
Qualify Buyers
Executive Summary Update Plan
Create Powerpoints
Pro Forma Financials
Review Presentation
Role Play on Questions
Create data room

Manage the Sales Process
STEPS Step 1:
Buyer Presentations
Step 2:
Manage Preliminary Due Diligence
Step 3:
Negotiate Term Sheet/LOI
Step 4:
Manage Detailed Due Diligence
Step 5:
Negotiate Purchase Agreement
Step 6:
Approvals BOD, SEC, Shareholder
Step 7:
Closing Documents
ISSUES Customize to buyer hot buttons
Prepare schedules
Overview of key relation-ships
Deal structure
Valuation Range
Customer Contact
Contract Reviews
Terms & conditions
Legal Reps
Earn-out provisions
Regulatory review
Shareholder Vote
Harte Scott
Purchase Agreement
Employment agreements